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If you need help compiling the source code, please refer to the developers section.

User Forum

Looking to talk to someone about the software? Don't like joining mailing lists or is the mailing list bouncing your mail back? Join us at the user forum.

E-mail Lists

Looking to talk to someone about the software? Join one of the lists.

opendx-cvs: This list is for receiving updates about what is changing in cvs. This list should not have users posting to it.

opendx-dev: This list is for developers working on the C/C++ code, Makefiles, scripts, etc. All developers are welcome. Please do not post binaries.

opendx-users: This list is for end users that need help with data importing and writing networks.



A minimal faq exists based on IBM's DX faq. If you are interested in putting some time into this, please contact .


The IBM Documentation for Data Explorer exists in different formats. The following exists:

Quickstart Guide: This guide presents a "hands on" introduction to Data Explorer and is designed to help you start working with it immediately.
[ Postscript | PDF | HTML ]

User's Guide: This manual is a guide to using IBM Visualization Data Explorer for: manipulating and controlling data visualizations, importing various kinds of data for visualization, creating and customizing visual programs with the Visual Program Editor, using the Data Explorer scripting language to create visual programs.
[ Postscript | PDF | HTML ]

User's Reference: This manual contains detailed descriptions of IBM Visualization Data Explorer tools for transforming, realizing, and rendering data. Each description includes the script-language syntax for invoking the tool; input and output specifications; details of module function; and names of sample visual programs that demonstrate the module's function.
[ Postscript | PDF | HTML ]

Programmer's Guide: This reference is intended for programmers who: 1. want to write their own modules for use with Data Explorer, or 2. want to write applications which incorporate Data Explorer modules or use the Data Explorer data model, or 3. want to write applications which directly control the Data Explorer executive or user interface. Programmers using this reference should be familiar with Data Explorer (in particular, its data model).
[ Postscript | PDF | HTML ]

HTML Index for all the above: Need a link that you'd like to bookmark for all the docs?
[ HTML ]


Materials that were distributed by IBM

BonusPak - The BonusPak CD contains an assortment of images, applications and utilities that are intended to help users better understand the design philosophy and power of Data Explorer (DX). We now provide this on-line.

Proceedings of the 1996 IBM Visualization Data Explorer Symposium.

Link to list archives

A searchable archive and web/threaded version of the lists exist. Click on the appropriate list.

Bug Reports and Link to bug work-arounds now has their own bug database up and running. Want to add bugs, check out what may be broken or already fixed? Click here to check it out.

IBM's older, not as updated, Jitterbug database - Check it out.

Link to paid support

Visualization and Imagery Solutions, Inc.

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