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Developer Info

As a developer, you are probably interested in obtaining the latest source code and compiling it. The information here will try and get you up to speed.

Current Work

There is lots of work going on. Below is a little info to let you know what is happening.

  • Greg Abram is working on a distributed version.
  • Peter Kirchner is working on JavaDX and adding support for ImageMagick
  • David Thompson is working on Windows versions of OpenDX.
  • Martin Tignor has been working on updating some User Interface elements.

Obtaining the code

It is possible to download a full source code package. Click on Downloads in the option menu on the left of this window. Then go to the source link.

You may wish to get more recent code using CVS. The CVS tree is now hosted at Berlios.

Extension Libraries

OpenDX can be extended to have more functionality, such as Importing different formats and saving different image types. You must first download and compile each of these libraries. The current source code for these libraries are available, please go to the libraries page.

If you wish to do development for Windows, you may wish to get cygwin from Redhat.

Other Development Tools

Many open-source tools are needed to work with the source code. A list of the tools is available on the tools page.

Help Compiling

Whether you're an experienced developer or just learning to build large applications, we have some hints on building the libraries and building OpenDX from the cvs tree. Check them out here.

Contact Developers

Currently the developers can only be reached by joining the mailing lists. Before asking questions, download the source code and familiarize yourself with it. Most discussions of the code base take place on See the support link for subscription information.

Bug Database

Need to query the bug database or look at what has been happening, you can look at the OpenDX Bug Database.